Jon Lindahl

Omni Title LLC

Jon Lindahl

VP Business Development

Licensed Title Agent & Notary Public

Omni Title LLC

175 South Third Street, Suite 880

Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: (614) 206-8366


Jon Lindahl has worked in the real estate title insurance industry since 2004 as a licensed title agent. Throughout his career, Jon has been involved in every aspect of the title business, and his background in economics, finance, and accounting make him highly qualified to handle any real estate transaction. Jon’s experience in the title industry includes residential and commercial real estate transactions, new construction, investment property, 1031 exchanges, easements, judicial reports, short sales, foreclosures, and sheriff’s sales.

Omni Title LLC is a independent title agency that provides the highest caliber of real estate title and closing services. Omni’s knowledgeable staff is structured to handle residential and commercial real estate transactions throughout Ohio.

The lawyers on Omni’s team have made or been involved in making more favorable title law than anyone. That means we know how to use that law to your advantage better than any other company – to get your deals closed, minimize your risk, and maximize the value of your investment.

Omni is well-equipped to handle any title and closing needs that your company may have, no matter how small or large, complex, or challenging. Omni has developed a network of the best third party service providers, including title examiners, surveyors, and other professionals. The depth and breadth of our knowledge and experience allows us to use creativity and problem-solving skills to resolve any issues that may arise in your transaction.

Our Vision

Be regarded as the best independent title agency by the top residential and commercial real estate professionals in the State of Ohio because of our ability to complete transactions that others cannot while offering the best possible Client satisfaction and loyalty and minimizing or eliminating post-transaction risk to the Client.

Our Mantra

Work with the leading transactional attorneys, developers, residential and commercial brokers, and residential and commercial lenders to mitigate and eliminate title risks while issuing the best possible title insurance coverage.

Transform the expectation that title agencies are a commodity service by exemplifying the benefits of specialized knowledge, subject matter expertise, and value-added problem solving.

Core Values

• High performance/ Outstanding results

• Genuine desire to help our Clients in whatever way we can

• Growth-oriented, exciting culture