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Angel Baker

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I have been a massage therapist since 2013.

Massage therapy, safer skincare and helping others find ways to wellness are my career passions. I strive to be a resource to my clients and contacts for health and wellness related things. I do this not only through my massage practice but also through my affiliations with Beautycounter (safer skincare and clean beauty) and Scout and Cellar (clean crafted wine). I strive to educate others on how to choose cleaner personal care products and wine for themselves and their families, to be an advocate for change to hold these industries accountable for the ingredients they are using in their products and providing a solution through offering products that are safer cleaner options.

In my massage practice I implement an integrative technique based on your daily needs. My technique could best be summarized by the words “therapeutic relaxation”. The pressure and techniques I work with are customized to you. They can vary based on your desired goals for the massage, as well as how your muscles respond on a given day. My goal as a massage therapist is to help you feel better than you thought you could. I also strive to educate people about the many benefits of receiving regular massage and that it is so much more than just a pampering treatment. Not only am I a trained and experienced massage therapist, I also have a Bachelors degree in athletic training. This educational background in the prevention, treatment and rehab of injuries without a doubt has helped my be able to serve a wider range of massage clients.


Warm bamboo massage

Hot stone massage

Deep tissue massage

Swedish/relaxation massage

Prenatal massage

Service Upgrades:

Sugar scrub on back, hands or feet

Mini facial massage, cleanse and moisturize

All sessions include Aromatherapy and use of hot towels if desired at no additional charge.